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The Irish Rare Breeding Bird Panel (IRBBP) compiles records of rare breeding birds, typically those species with 100 or fewer pairs in Ireland. Our bird populations are constantly changing, and it is all important to be able to track the fortunes of these rarer species, some of which are colonising and expanding (such as the Great Spotted Woodpecker), but more worryingly there are several that are declining with increasing pressures from a broad variety of factors.



The panel is supported by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, BirdWatch Ireland, RSPB and the UK Rare Breeding Birds Panel. The current members of the panel are Kendrew Colhoun, J. Paul Hillis, Mark Holling, Neil McCulloch, Chris Murphy, Gerry Murphy (Secretary), Steve Newton (Chair), David Tierney.

For any queries, please contact the IRBBP Secretary.